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Fantasy engravings

One of the results that emerged owing to the previously described evolution was the introduction of fantasy compositions. In other words, scenes, figures and animals created without respecting the "realistic" world; a mix of everything to create what can almost be called illusions that are both fascinating and insightful. A real "departure" point from the traditional hunting and collector gun world began no more than a decade ago is now well developed and in demand.

These compositions include the engraver's specific, in-depth study to evaluate the arrangement and the "co-penetrations" among the various subjects that may include women, snakes, felines, birds of prey or other phantasmagorical elements. Creative Art proposes its own line in this recent sector that is highly appreciated and, in the not-so-distant future, may become one of the typical patterns purchased for class guns. In this case, the gune is considered more as the "support" for an artistic work instead of an end in itself. This is almost an emancipation of the engraving with respect to the strong and almost dictatorial value attributed to the gunmaker. The creative engraving will certainly have a future in this direction and the most spectacular, expressive and original works will receive their just rewards.