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Architectural patterns, classic figures, other subjects

Though not closely related to the hunting world, there are numerous engravings that lie completely outside the figures described to this point. I am referring to subjects like mythological scenes, architectural patterns, commemorative elements concerning some historical or local events, and more or less famous celebrities. As can be seen in the following photographs, there are no limits to what can be engraved on sporting guns, though many choices are personal and do not take into account the resale value of the fun.

If we decide to make a self-portrait on an action bottom, to insert our home or our dogs on the sides, it is obvious that they are only interesting for us. This choice, though certainly justified from a subjective point of view, will not lead to any commercial outlets. Apart from this aspect, what we are most interested in is the work of the engravers that, as always, is versatile, creative and truly fascinating.