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English scrolls and ornamental patterns

As already mentioned, English scrolls and ornamental patterns are almost always present to complement other engraved subjects. However, there are cases in which they represent the gun's entire decoration, and thus refer to the English and continental tradition. It should be noted that there has been an improvement in the quality and methods to make English scrolls and (above all) ornamental patterns using combined bit and hammer/burin or all burin techniques.

The Creative Art catalogue includes a wide range of these works. This demonstrates their technical mastery and good taste in styling. In particular, the Liberty and asymmetrical fantasy ornamental patterns involve demanding tracing and final shading. The English scroll can be made with very fine curls and only with a burin, or with curls alternating with floral bouquets (the so-called Rose & Scrolls) or medium scrolls. All these cases involve a valid styling choice beyond the dictates of fashion and the ornamental patterns can be completed with gold inlaid parts of flowers. There may also be room for creative ideas in this classic engraving in terms of the arrangement and integration with other subjects and of the design and complexity of the ornamental pattern.