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Dogs and game

Some of the most frequent decorative subjects on hunting guns are dogs and game. In this case, the game is small, such as pheasants, partridges, quails and so on. However, there is also "local" game, like some species of North American birds or Scotch grouse. In the same way, though rarely, we may find bloodhounds with hares and rabbits, ord birds of prey and predators like eagles and foxes. Another rather frequently appearing subject is mountain game, like black grouse and white partridges. Considered as "noble" game it is considered a good complement for the class gun. Extensive space is given to aquatic fowl and naturally the woodcock.

"Subsections" of the subjects could be created since they represent some hunter's preferences. These subjects almost always are inserted in English scroll frames or ornamental patterns and therefore the works proposed include the myriad of possible solutions. These traditional ornamental shapes will be discussed in greater later in the book.